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What is the Process of Building SIP Panelized Homes?

Big Twig Homes offers the option for SIP panelized homes, which are extremely energy efficient and can still include the beauty and natural style of a cedar log home. There are many positive aspects to building these types of homes. You will save extensive amount of money on your energy costs. In addition, the homes are affordable to build and they do not take that much time at all. Just what are SIP panelized homes? Just what does the process to build them involve? When you are considering such a home for your own house, then you will need all of your questions answered. Here are the details that you need to know about what to expect from our SIP panelized homes.

What are SIP Panelized Homes?

Before you can even consider this option, you will need to know just what this type of home is. SIP stands for structural insulated panels. These panels include layers of insulated material that are placed within the interior walls of the home. This way, you can have the traditional interior and exterior look of a log home but with incredible insulation. In fact, SIP panels will boost your insulation and energy efficiency up to 50%. Choosing SIP panelized homes can provide you with a much more energy efficient house without losing any of the rustic beauty of a cedar log home.

Beginning the Plans

To begin with, when you wish to build an SIP panelized home, we will need to meet with you and discuss your home needs. In order to get ready for this, you will need to think about just what you want from your new home. Consider your current home and the things you like or dislike about it. Then, consider what it is that you want from your new home. Think about how the home will be used and the size it needs to be. It may be helpful to write all of this information down in a notebook that you take with you when we meet.

Discuss the Energy Savings

Other than the SIP panels, there are many ways that your new home can include energy efficiency. Before the plans for your home are finalized, we will discuss those with you. You will have the option of included such energy efficient choices as specialty windows and doors as well as a specialty roof. By considering these in advance, we can get an idea of just what you want from your new home as far as energy efficiency.

Finalizing Plans

Once we have an idea of the land you will be building on and the plans you want from your home, we will be able to finalize them. If you made any alterations to our available designs, then you will get a chance to approve the finalized plans before the build begins. This is the best way to make sure you are completely satisfied with your home design before anything gets started.

The Actual Build

The build of your SIP panelized home will take place in three parts. To begin with, the exterior of your home will include traditional cedar logs. Then, the special SIP panels will be attached to those exterior logs. Finally, the interior will also be finished with the cedar logs. This complete process will provide you with an incredibly energy efficient home.

Choosing SIP panelized homes is a great way to add energy efficiency to your new house. If you would like to consider a home like this, then we would be glad to discuss your options in more detail. Contact Big Twig Homes today!