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 SIPs vs. Sticks

How are SIP Homes Better than Traditional Stick Built Homes?

When you start considering your next home, you will need to consider your options carefully. What matters the most to you? What are your best choices? Two choices that we have to offer are traditional stick built homes or SIP homes. Many people gravitate toward traditional stick built, but does that mean this type of home is the right option? In fact, SIP homes are actually a much better option for several reasons. What makes SIP homes so much better? Here are the things you need to consider.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional stick built homes can include measures to provide insulation. For example, insulation can be laid in between the two by six beams that are included in the structure of the home. This may offer some insulation, but it has breaks in it. Every place there is a beam; the wood will translate heat and will cause the home to be a little less energy efficient. SIP homes are different. Structural insulated panels will actually be laid throughout the interior of the walls with one hundred percent coverage. This constant coverage insulation guarantees that there are no energy leaks throughout the walls of the home.

Cost Effective

Another great thing about SIP homes is that they are quite cost effective in build. Many people assume that an option like SIP would actually cost more than a traditional stick built home, but this is far from the truth. In fact, SIP homes are actually quite cost effective in several ways. Of course, the home will be much more budget friendly once you are living in it. You will not be spending nearly as much money on energy costs to keep your home comfortable. In addition, SIP homes are actually more cost effective to build. You may find that your home will fit much more comfortably in your budget.

There are many reasons why SIP homes are better than traditional stick built homes. You will find that the process of building your new home will take much less time. In addition, your home will be much more energy efficient. It will even cost you less to build when you choose SIP homes.

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