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 Go Green with Structural Insulated Panels

Big Twig Homes is proud to offer structural insulated paneled homes (SIP). These homes have a great deal to offer in the form of energy efficiency, and they could be just the right choice for you. Many people enjoy SIP homes because they require up to 50% less energy for climate control, and they are stylish and beautiful. Would you like to learn more about structural insulated paneled homes? Here are the details that will help you decide if they offer the right type of home for you.

Two Options

Big Twig Homes actually offers two different options to take advantage of structural insulated panel. If you would like a brand new home built, then we will be glad to help you make that happen. We will work with you to design a home that is perfect for you and then we will build that energy efficient house with SIP panels. Alternatively, if you already have an existing home, we can install structural insulated panels right into your existing house, replacing the roof or walls of the structure. Installing these panels is straightforward, and you will begin to enjoy a difference right away!

The Panels

Just what are structural insulated panels? These panels are made from a rigid foam insulation that is use to create a continuous core. The actual panel will include outer structural boards that are laminated to the foam core. The panels are so energy efficient that they provide from 30% to 50% savings in energy bills in houses that they are installed.

Structural insulated panels can be used in several different ways throughout the homes. They can serve as insulation and paneling for the floors of the home, the walls of the home and even the structure of the roof. The more that the panels are used throughout a home, the more energy efficient it will be.

Choosing an SIP home can be a great way to enjoy a newly designed and built house that is energy efficient. Even if you already have a home, you can enjoy the benefits of SIP panels. All that you have to do is call Big Twig Homes today. We will be glad to discuss your home needs, whether you want a brand new structural insulated paneled home built or you want to make your current home more energy efficient. Call us today and we will be glad to help you get started!

What’s in a S.I.P?

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are the energy efficient alternative to stick built homes. Without hesitation, your SIP Panel home will be one of the most comfortable, quiet and clean structures you will ever own. Unlike a stick-frame home, in which thermal performance is an afterthought, insulation is an integral part of a SIP Panel home. Air and moisture penetrations are greatly reduced because there are so few thermal breaks.

  • SIP Panel buildings are 66% more energy efficient than standard frame construction
  • 2-1/2 times stronger than standard building materials
  • Cuts framing time by 2/3rds
  • Stronger and straighter
  • Better building systems